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The Fear of Success

“It’s not about the money.”
“I don’t care about the fame.”
“Recognition isn’t important to me.”

Too often we hear and utter these words in hopes of convincing ourselves and others that this is somehow true…but why?

If you manifest an idea into a tangible product, write a book with something worthwhile to say, have a magnanimous personality worthy of an audience or any other list of services that create value to your surroundings then the end results SHOULD be money, recognition, fame, respect. There is nothing wrong with that.

Even more important is to surround yourself with a team that shares in this vision and is focused on selflessly building you up as they also grind for their own passions. Naysayers, negativity and selfish people have absolutely no place in your life when you begin building your empire and fulfilling your dreams. Quality people only. Drop the rest.

It is one thing to pretend you don’t care about your value but far worse to allow someone else to take it from you.
In the end no one cares about the work it took behind the scenes, only the person who was publicly given the credit.
Protect your turf and take the money, fame and recognition you’re rightfully owed.