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No, we will not change the music.

One week into opening Meatzilla! and already getting complaints about our choice of music.
If you don’t like the fact that we like our music loud, because it is hip hop or that the lyrics make you feel “uncomfortable” then cool. Don’t choose to come and support us. There are plenty Olive Gardens and Chili’s in the world where you will feel right at home.

We had a guest throw trash in my business partners face today simply because we were unapologetic about what we play. I used to deal with this type of mentality when i owned Yeastie Boys. Complaints about music, our openness about drug use, the fact we had “other shit” on the side of our food truck. The entitlement of some people who believe they can impose their world/social/religious views on others is something i dealt with my entire life and I have absolutely no time for.

Surprisingly the annoying, offended man did say we have the best burgers in DTLA though, so at least he was woke to something.

Simply put, you either get it or you don’t. Not here to please the masses but the margins.